Blank Black Plastic Business Card


Product Type:Blank Black Plastic Business Card


Size: 85.5mm*54mm standard size(customizable size)


Surface:Film Lamination/Inkjet

Customized Support: Logo customization, shape customization

Suitable printer: Supports most card printer brands on the market, please consult customer service for specific models.


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New material features: bright and clean without stains, pure white card edge without yellow or black,printing clear, environmental protection.

Features of old materials: card dark, card yellow, poor toughness easy to fracture, fuzzy printing process, not environmental protection and smell.

Ordinary white card: suitable for UV printers, there are many brands.

Lamination white card: suitable for cards, ribbons, thermal printers, brands such as Zebra, Frago, evolis, etc.

Inkjet white card: suitable for inkjet printers, brands such as EPSON, HP, Canon, etc


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