NFC Chip

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Introducing eco-friendly NFC chips featuring an embedded NXP chip (ntag216), offering a sustainable and contactless solution for sharing digital information.

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Introducing eco-friendly NFC chips with an embedded NXP chip (ntag216), designed to offer a sustainable and contactless means of sharing digital information. These chips are crafted from environmentally conscious materials, aligning with our dedication to promoting a greener future.

Customize these NFC chips with your desired link or message, providing a digital alternative to traditional paper business cards. By utilizing these chips, we collectively work towards reducing the staggering waste of 27 million paper business cards printed daily and the cutting of 7 million trees annually.

Join us in making a positive impact on the planet while still making a memorable impression in your interactions. Let’s embrace this sustainable solution, revolutionizing the way we network and share information—one NFC chip at a time.


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